Who Are we?

Aspire Media N.I. CIC works in partnership with Aspire Social Enterprises CIC (Part of Focus on Family Nurturing & Development Centre), is founded with aims to revolutionise community-driven media production and ownership within the communities of Ballysally & Millburn. Founded in 2021 to assist Focus on Family initially to create a Community TV Channel based online about the area, we have since grown to ensure this is part of our social enterprise and company.

A little background on our foundation

The areas of Ballysally and Millburn have long suffered from negative external perceptions and inward attitudes, often exacerbated by media portrayals. For instance, the 2012 TV series ‘The Estate’ produced by BBC depicted the entire Ballysally area in a highly negative light, while further news broadcasts predominantly focused on the problems and criminality, overlooking the overall positive aspects of the community.

In response to this, a dedicated group of local individuals, supported by Focus on Family, Ballysally, have established Aspire Media TV. Based in Ballysally, this digital media production facility is open to all members of the local community. For more information relating to Aspire Media TV – visit aspiremedia.tv.

Aspire Media N.i. CIC Formation

In November 2022, the founders of the initial project (Andy Cooper & Robert Campbell) decided once project funding was complete, there was a need for generating funding to ensure the overall online channel stayed commercial free and have no ads in place.

Aspire Media N.I. CIC was formed as a community interest company to ensure the TV channel as well as developing training and support to the local community as well as opening our services to local businesses and community organisations.

Our Growth

During 2023 & 2024, Aspire Media N.I. CIC has grown to have links with the community in working with Ballysally & Millburn Primary Schools & Focus on Family as well as developing key links with local sports teams assisting them with our services – Coleraine Football Club, Causeway Giants American Football Club & Causeway Giants Wheelchair Basketball Club.

We opened the doors to having 2 new services in 2023 & 2024 with the development of our Aspire Media Academy which provides bespoke media training which is accredited by OCNNI and Aspire Social Media Management which works in sync with our creative area of Aspire Media Studios to give clients a full bespoke service developing and scheduling content without the hassle so the client can focus on the business day to day running without worry about social media.

Our Services

Our services are split into 4 separate trading names which all work in sync with each other:

  • Aspire Media TV
    • Our Creative Online Community TV Channel – Visit our channel here
  • Aspire Media Studios
    • Our photography and videography social enterprise, deeply rooted in the heart of the community, fostering creativity and empowerment through visual storytelling.
  • Aspire Media Academy
    • Aspire Media Academy offers tailored media training programs specialising in photography or videography, ensuring personalised instruction to nurture individual creativity and technical skills.
  • Aspire Social Media Management
    • Aspire Social Media Management offers tailored social media management services, seamlessly collaborating with Aspire Media Studios to craft bespoke content that resonates with clients’ unique brand identities.
Behind the music video produced in the community
More behind the scenes from The Golden Watch music video

About Aspire Social Enterprises CIC.

Aspire Social Enterprises CIC is a brand of social enterprises that have been nurturing and supporting the Coleraine and North Coast community for over 25 years working within Focus on Family, Ballysally.

Created as a community interest company in June 2023, Our aim is to create positive social change and make sustainable development goals a reality. By fostering new successful social enterprises, we strive to strengthen our community, generate employment, and contribute to economic growth.

Our businesses operate for the greater good, with societal benefits in mind. Visit Aspire Social Enterprises CIC.